Our Mares

Our most grateful thanks go to the established, experienced Sorraia breeders who are generously supporting us with their help and advice as we found our own herd.


Date of birth: 29.04.2010
Sire: Altamiro (Sorraia)
Dam: Belina (Sorraia-Typ Mustang)


Date of birth: 16.07.2010
Sire: Altamiro (Sorraia)
Dam: Zorita (½ Sorraia, ½ Sorraia-Typ Sulphur Mustang)

Both the above mares come from Lynne Gerard’s Ravenseyrie Ranch on Manitoulin Island in Ontario, Canada.

Little Spanish Annie:

Sorraia-type Mustang from the Pryor Mountains

Year of birth: 1999
Sire: Montar, Pryor Mountain Mustang
Dam: Little Orphan Annie (first Mustang ever adopted out by the US government)


Hispano from Portugal

Year of birth: 1995


Pure bred Sorraia mare

Date of birth: 6.8.2006
Sire: Ultrajado
Dam: Ratinha


Erstes bei uns geborenes Stutfohlen

Date of birth: 04.09.2012
Sire: Interessado (½ Sorraia, ½ Sorraia Mustang)
Dam: Levada